You’re a cyberpunk blacksmith, and you need to repair a LOT of weapons!

For maximum restoring power, you wanna get into a flow and press the forging buttons following the patterns on-screen.

Every successfully mended weapon will grand you points to get you ever closer to the spot of best cybersmith in the city!

Hammer away!


Play Now!:

Installation guide : 

1 – Download the zip file

2 – Unzip it

3 – Launch Forge.exe and have fun !

Controls :

A,B,X,Y on the controller


Team : 

Martin Valleix – DEV, GD, QA –

Jérémy Tapia – LEAD DEV, GD –

Yann Roirand – DEV, PROD –

Sylve Renault – PROD, DEV, QA, GFX –

Rudy Michel – GFX –

Yann Kukowlesky – GFX –

Max Scheer – SD, Music & Sounds –

Sacha Alzieu – SD –